Enter the new level of doctor-patient communication!

Save time and provide your patients with layman-friendly information about illness and treatment in the form of texts and video clips.

The useful addition to the consultation with the patient - simply prescribe information

medicstream offers doctors and the care team the possibility to provide basic information about the disease and the therapy before or after the consultation with the patient. Furthermore, information and access links to accompanying digital programs such as digital courses, apps or DiGAs can be delivered.

All content can be individually compiled to suit the respective needs of the patient and made available in the form of an "infobox". The patient thus obtains from the doctor the information that is important for him in his current situation and can review it at his own time at home.

Improved communication with medicstream through patient-oriented information offers

  • Individual selection of content for your patients
  • Personalized e-mail layouts with practice logo and colors
  • Possibility of an individual practice intro before each video
  • Output as e-mail, access link and/or printed info receipt
  • Secure data transfer through password-protected e-mail transmission
  • DSGVO-compliant operation on German servers
  • No additional software required
  • No storage of patient data

Advantages of medicstream

The advantages and added value for doctors and patients at a glance

Improved patient education through individual content

Our platform offers you the possibility to provide your patients with information individually tailored to their disease and its treatment, both before and after outpatient and inpatient interventions

Digital basic information relieves the burden of the doctor-patient consultation

By making digital information available to patients as a supplement to the consultation with the doctor, physicians can focus more time in the conversation on individual patient concerns instead of explaining the same basics over and over again.

High-quality patient information available at all times

Our content is attractively communicated, continuously updated and expanded, and available to your patients at any time and from any location.

Ease of use and inclusion of family members

Our platform is easy to use, with no prior knowledge required. If desired, relatives can also be included in the information chain regarding indication, medication, etc.