4 steps to a more efficient patient communication

medicstream enables you to implement it easily and quickly.

1. login

Open our terminal in the Internet browser of your choice and log in with your personal login data. You will receive this information when you register. The first month is free of charge.

2. selection of content

Choose from a variety of high quality, easy-to-understand medical videos, articles and podcasts from the field of cardiology and the indication of stroke to find the right content for your patients.
Furthermore, you can send your patients information and access to further digital offers such as courses, apps and other digital applications. Then go to "Info basket" in the menu on the left and check your selection. Here you can also still change the order or delete content again. When you have finished your selection, click on "Send playlist".

3. dispatch

Send the info basket you have compiled for your patient via a personalized and password-protected email (you define the password yourself), as an access link or as a printed info recipe with QR code. The entered data will not be stored.

You can document the sending in the patient file by sending a copy of the e-mail to your e-mail address or you can use the analog Infozept.

4. information on

Your patient receives access to his or her info basket and can access the selected content on almost any online-enabled device, regardless of his location.

If you and your patient have opted for the printed Infozept, only the QR code needs to be scanned.